Protecting our environment is very important to IG Design Group UK.

IG Design Group UK creatively designs products that remove unnecessary materials and packaging. This is why we also invest in state-of-the-art, efficient manufacturing processes here in the United Kingdom, close to our customers, and only use responsibly sourced materials, including recycled materials, and with increasingly all of these materials being fully recyclable.

We do manufacture some of our products overseas when it is unviable to do so in the UK and we similarly ensure strong environmentally compliant and ethical processes to do so. We bring all of these products to our United Kingdom warehouses by sea freight.

IG Design Group UK has partnered with The Woodland Trust participating in a fully accredited carbon removal scheme which operates under the UK Government’s Woodland Carbon Code.  This unique scheme helps companies reduce their carbon footprint; locking up carbon emissions by planting trees.

IG Design Group UK has funded 29,250 M2 of new native woodland in the UK to ensure the CO2 emissions we create from our sea freight is fully absorbed from the atmosphere and stored by trees as they grow, mitigating the impact of our business import activities on the environment as part of our carbon management programme.

We are proud to be responsibly reducing our net CO2 emissions and so actively support a sustainable future in line with our Environmental and Sustainability policy. We continue to foster and encourage responsible environmental behaviour amongst our staff, suppliers, customers and users at all levels.