Case Study: Eco Nature Range

“Leveraging design and innovation skills to develop new, sustainable product ranges that help to build a better future”

Emily Thomas-Hey, Manufacturing & Operations Director at DGUK, introduces the new ECO Nature Collection.

What is the ECO Nature collection?

It is our exciting new in-house brand that provides an environmentally sympathetic range of products, using 100% recycled papers, using water based inks within innovative packaging solutions – all designed and made right here in the UK!


What was the thought process behind the new brand?

We recognise that the nature of many of our products makes it even more important that we leverage our innovation to create sustainable collections to promote to our customers and beyond.

As the world develops, populations are consuming more, which becomes an issue when a large proportion of goods are not only single-use but also not recycled. This leads to more waste going to landfill and being burned, contributing to global warming and contamination of our oceans.

We are committed to promote positive change; to use sustainable sources, to design sustainable ranges and reduce the use of single-use plastics across both our products and their packaging. The ECO Nature Collection is a clear demonstration of this commitment.




How will the brand help to build a better future?

By promoting these collections, we are encouraging a circular economy which reduces waste and the impacts of production, consumption and disposal on the environment. We have removed plastic from the range.

Compared to overseas alternatives, all our Eco Nature products are made in the UK reducing our carbon footprint. Our gift bags, roll wrap and accessories are all produced within our UK manufacturing site, using only water based inks, maintaining demand for British employment. Our manufacturing facility is powered with electricity exclusively from renewable sources.


What about the carbon emissions from manufacturing?

We have invested in the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme to mitigate 300 tonnes of emissions resulting from the production of all Eco Nature products, which will help make the Eco Nature Range carbon neutral.


How are the products packaged?

They are packaged with eco friendly materials – and absolutely no plastic! We have removed all plastic shrink film from Eco Nature Wrapping Paper, instead launching our innovative environmentally friendly labelling solution.




Why will it appeal to customers?

The future is exciting and sustainable. As more retailers publicly announce strategies to reduce their environmental impact, the demand is growing for products that have eco-friendly credentials.

As the affect of our demands on the earth’s resources becomes more apparent, environmental awareness is significantly increasing and is now a major factor in consumer purchasing decisions. Our collection provides an environmentally sympathetic solution with a ‘feel good’ factor for the consumer.


What inspires the designs in the range?

Nature is the reference point for each of our individual collections as our Design Team take inspiration from the precious natural world around us. We combine illustration techniques with hand written calligraphy to create a varied collection that offers coordination and choice.

Our carefully curated colour palettes combine seasonal trends alongside references taken directly from the familiarity of nature itself. The Christmas Collection brings Festive Joy via the richness of seasonal red and green tones, which are cooled with a crisp white, while our Everyday Collections offer a mix of calming soft green with a boost of vibrancy for confidence and positivity.