At Design Group UK, we have a team of highly talented designers who specialise in various design disciplines, including illustration, graphic design, fashion design, photography, animation, and contemporary textiles.

We understand the importance of combining creativity with commercial insight and market knowledge. Our creatives are driven by inspiring and innovative design, supported by a deep understanding of the market. We collaborate with our colleagues worldwide to share design and product libraries, tapping into localised innovation and trends. Our Trend Teams develop bespoke capsule trends, aligning with trend forecasting partners and backed by thorough market research and industry show visits.

With a wide range of creative skills at our disposal, we excel in product innovation and launching commercially successful themes. We encourage boundary-crossing and explore capabilities that align with the desired price point and product positioning. Our design approach focuses on accuracy, working closely with style guides, whilst bringing creative flair and actively challenging norms to deliver best-selling products.

Design Group’s extensive knowledge and creative skills uniquely position us within the UK Christmas, Everyday Gifting, Stationery, and Creative Play markets.

We offer a fully connected service by closely collaborating with our Commercial and Manufacturing Teams. This enables us to develop high-quality designs across various product formats, customising them to meet the unique requirements of each customer. Our studio capabilities allow us to evolve, engineer, and develop bespoke product concepts. We provide digital visualisations and handmade prototype sampling to bring ideas to life.

Additionally, we offer packaging solutions, brand identity concepts, and support with marketing communication and point-of-sale materials, ensuring our products make the maximum impact in the market for our customers.