Everyday Cards

Cards for all major occasions

Design Group UK provides bespoke All Year Round counter card solutions to some of the UK’s leading high-street retailers, offering a highly versatile range of greetings cards for all major occasions.

Covering an unparalleled range of traditions, captions and trends, our cards cater for every area of the market, giving retailers products to sell all year round.

Based on years of experience, in-depth industry insight and trend research, our designers deliver the most creative and commercially viable cards on the market. Then – making use of our UK and China facilities as well as partners in mainland Europe – we print on-scale, with a focus on speed-to-market for single cards.

As well as high volume cards, we also produce handmade cards, developed and supplied for many retailers. These premium cards make use of our market-leading expertise in finishes and substrates, creating unique and high-quality products.

Our cards are supplied both domestically and FOB, with our commercial team providing category management solutions to customers throughout the world. Acting as a strategic in-store merchandising partner to our customers, our commercial teams advise of cross-category ranges, to help bolster product sales performance.