We pride ourselves in our cracker heritage, expertise and capabilities. We offer a service that innovates, originates, and manufactures designs and concepts to keep the Christmas cracker exciting and relevant.

We adapt to consumer demands, and work in tandem with our customers and Buying Teams, to develop fresh new products for ‘the most important day of the year’. Our Creative Teams focus on maintaining the essence of the beloved Christmas cracker, while bringing to life new shapes, forms, sizes and constructions, in order to offer variety, and choice, by injecting newness and vision.

Our Design Teams research the hottest trends in homeware, dining, decoration and table top, so our Christmas crackers are aesthetically pleasing to adorn Christmas table settings with confidence.

Royal Warrant

Tom Smith Crackers were granted their first Royal Warrant in 1906, and today the Tom Smith brand owned by Design Group UK is still the official supplier of Christmas crackers to the Royal Household, which is held in high regard. Design Group is extremely honoured and proud to design the handmade bespoke crackers that are selected by the Royal Household.

Tom Smith Crackers have a historic spirit and a breath of heritage which is represented in the designs. Every year we research the current trends and markets to ensure our crackers are the market leaders, demonstrating new innovative designs and concepts that are created every year to keep the interest, air of Christmas and the tradition alive, please visit for more information or download our brochure.

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Industry Leading Insight

Liaising directly with Asia, our Product Teams source new materials, ribbons and decorations. We commission and innovate cracker content, and develop new applications of  surface finish and cracker adornments.

We complete the product as ‘shelf ready’, by offering packaging and merchandising solutions and point of sale tools, plus online photography and PR support.