Eco Nature Range

At IG Design Group, we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment through the development of sustainable product, packaging, supply chain and manufacturing solutions.

IG Design Group UK has invested in excess of £3m over two years introducing to our UK manufacturing facility both high-speed bag manufacturing capability and complimentary gift bow-making equipment. Combined with our state-of-the-art water-based-ink printing and roll wrap manufacturing capabilities we are the only UK turnkey solution provider for wholly UK designed and manufactured coordinated wrap, bag and bow gift-packaging.

Our new Eco Nature™ sustainable greetings collection promotes a circular economy through materials regeneration, using recycled paper, and is designed and produced within our UK manufacturing site supporting UK jobs. We offer all-year-round Every Day gift-packaging product availability with much-reduced lead-times and reduced customer inventory exposure compared to overseas alternatives. UK design and manufacturing also allows for increased responsivity to fast-changing trends and retail commercial demand


This stylishly designed range is inspired by botanical imagery and incorporates hand-drawn illustrations, complimented by hand scripted type. The range consists of gift bags, roll wraps, and complimentary paper gift bows, all printed on recycled FSC® certified paper and using water-based inks. The paper bows are packaged in recyclable plastic-free packaging and we have removed all plastic shrink film from the roll wrap, replacing it with our innovative environmentally friendly first-to-market labeling solution.

After the successful launch of our Eco Nature Range early this year, Design Group UK launches a new vibrant Summer Collection, creatively capturing a heartwarming & uplifting Rainbow, symbolising positivity, optimism and hope.

The ‘Rainbow’ icon has become a symbol of unity, recognising and appreciating the power of community World Wide. This powerful symbol of positivity echoes the core values of our Eco Nature Greetings Brand supporting the circular economy using only recycled materials and creating a fully recyclable product range and that is proudly 100% Designed & Manufactured in the UK.

This collection is a perfect Greetings solution for Birthdays, Special Occasions or Celebrations, and is the sentiment of kindness and appreciation, perfect for thoughtful gestures at a time when Kindness really is magic!

Our 6 Eco Nature™ fully recyclable card designs coordinate and complement our Eco Nature™ greetings collection, also promoting beautiful botanical designs and handcrafted and manufactured in the UK.

Our new Eco Nature™ Stationery Range is an exciting new and on-going project intended to build-up a range of products and packaging with minimal ecological and environmental impact on the world around us.

The wood and paper products in the Eco Nature™ Stationery range come from sustainable FSC® sources and the ultimate aim of the brand is that all materials will eventually be made from recycled or sustainable materials and will be fully recyclable after final use. ‘Eco Nature™’ products have little or no packaging. Where packaging cannot be avoided, we aim to use only recyclable and plastic-free materials

IG Design Group UK has partnered with The Woodland Trust, participating in a fully accredited carbon removal scheme which operates under the UK Government’s Woodland Carbon Code. IG Design Group UK has funded 29,250 m2 of new native woodland in the UK to ensure the CO2 emissions we create from our sea freight activity is fully absorbed from the atmosphere and stored by trees as they grow, mitigating the impact of our business imports on the environment as part of our carbon management programme. Our UK manufacturing facility is now also exclusively powered using electricity only from renewable sources.

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