Kids Create and Kids Play

Kids Create

Our Kids Create range has something for every little mind; practice agriculture by creating their own garden, become a scientist by making volcanoes and solar systems or start their artistic career by creating a masterpiece.

Kids Create products aim to inspire children with creative, yet safe to use and clearly instructed products, resulting in a sense of achievement.

Whether you want to create a glow in the dark gloop, help to learn your spellings or activities for either every day or the festive period, Kids Create has it all.

Designed at our in-house studio, our products reflect the latest trends in designs and mouldings whilst continuing to offer great quality and value.

Kids Play

Kids Play brings fun and excitement with an ever-expanding range of interactive games.

Designed to bring friends and family closer, Kids Play Games are bright, colourful, engaging, and offer a real sense of challenge for players of all ages.

Get nimble with Twist N’ Turn, test your nerve with Dino Dissection, go head-to-head in Babble Battle, or seek victory in Table Football; there’s something for everyone in the Kids Play range.

From timeless classic concepts to the most innovative of game ideas, the Kids Play range has it all.