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A World of Celebration

We design, manufacture, source and distribute a wide array of products for life’s important occasions.

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Design Group produces more than 30,000 different products. Watch as we show you just how one of them is made-this is the life of gift wrap.  Watch Now

We Are Design Group UK

The UK’s largest designer and in-house manufacturer of Gift Wrap and Christmas Crackers. We also design, manufacture and source Gift Bags, Greetings Cards, Stationery, Creative Play, Specialised Gifting and Frames & Albums. We serve many of the best-known retailers throughout the UK and beyond.


Our culture and heritage are extremely important to us and Design Group UK has developed into a business that employs over 600 in the UK and 1,000 in the Far East.

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We are committed to being a sustainable and environmentally conscious business working collaboratively with our supply chain, customers, employees and community.

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Design Group UK Creative Design Teams feature a broad range of highly skilled designers, across a variety of creative teams, focused by channel and market.

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The Design Group UK Commercial Teams develop the most commercially viable, market appropriate and trend-focused products across the full spectrum of retail channels.

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A part of IG Design Group Plc

Design Group UK is a part of IG Design Group Plc – a diverse group of companies operating across multiple regions, categories, seasons and brands. For more information including investor relations and company results, visit the IG Design Group Plc website.