Tom Smith is leading the way on sustainable solutions.

Tom Smith, owned by IG Design Group UK Ltd, is a premium global brand in Christmas Greetings Products, including crackers, wrapping paper, greetings cards & accessories.

Tom Smith has held a Royal Warrant since 1906 for the supply of Christmas Crackers and specifically to The Sovereign since the reign of King George V.

The rich heritage and history of the brand, originating from the invention of the Cracker by Tom Smith in 1847, propagates to the present day where Tom Smith design and hand manufacture over 70 million crackers annually for worldwide distribution.

Concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of Tom Smith brand development. In our aim to minimise our impact on the environment, Tom Smith is leading the way on sustainable solutions by removing the plastic window from Cracker packaging as well as launching a fully recyclable Cracker box with keepsake wooden content, soya based inks and paper ties. To further support our sustainability strategy, we have introduced fully recyclable Kraft wrapping paper which complements the existing range of recyclable papers on offer.