Eco Nature introduces a sustainable spring and summer collection.

At IG Design Group UK, we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment through the development of sustainable products, packaging, supply chain, and manufacturing solutions.

Nature is the reference point for each of our individual collections as our Design Team take inspiration from the precious natural world around us. We combine illustration techniques with hand written calligraphy to create a varied collection that offers coordination and choice. Our carefully curated colour palettes combine seasonal trends alongside references taken directly from the familiarity of nature itself.

Our gift bags, roll wrap and accessories are all produced within our UK manufacturing site, maintaining demand for British employment. Our manufacturing facility is powered with electricity exclusively from renewable sources.

We have invested in the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme to mitigate 300 tonnes of emissions resulting from the production of all Eco NatureTM products, which will go towards helping make the Eco Nature Range carbon neutral.