Case Study: Eco Nature Expansion

“Utilising innovation and new product development helps to drive a point of difference and improve the Made in the UK product offering.”

Katie Brickle, Brand and Communications Manager, shares the exciting developments for Eco Nature.


What sets Eco Nature apart from other greetings products?

Eco nature is the only UK celebrations brand that offers the following credentials for its entire product range. Eco Nature is a brand that will never use plastic in its creation, is committed to using only recycled materials, and a brand that ensures all products & packaging are fully recyclable.

The core brand credentials remain at the heart of the brand. Eco Nature is proudly Made in UK and no unnecessary packaging is used.

In addition, we have invested in the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon Scheme to mitigate all emissions resulting from the production of all Eco Nature products, which will go towards helping make the Eco Nature range carbon neutral. It’s a brand that our dedicated teams are proud of, helping to minimise our overall impact on the planet.

Our Eco Nature collections are trend inspired, covering a wide range of genres suitable for all retail channels. We offer a full retail solution for both our single cards and greetings products to ensure a powerful impact in store.



What creative journey is taken to create Eco Nature’s handwriting?

Our creative journey starts with researching colour palettes, print and pattern trends and illustration styles. We gather these elements and compile them into thought provoking mood boards for our creative team to feel inspired.

We encourage the design team to go out into nature to explore natural patterns that we can bring into our designs which gives them a personal handwriting. We then work those illustrations into product, adding digital elements and a considered colour palette, scale and placement before we get to our final product visuals.


What are the recent focus areas for the brand?

It’s an exciting time for the brand with a lot of dedicated focus to help drive its growth. We are keen to create a broader appeal by capturing the breadth of design required for every customer need. This includes adding more generic everyday designs into our collection and creating a new fun-filled Christmas Collection.

Product expansion is important to us, whilst maintaining the core brand credentials.
2022 has been an exciting year for Eco Nature in which we launched a new range of 33 everyday single cards! The 33 designs are inspired by our brand identity with positive sentiments. We want to celebrate and protect the natural world, creating greetings cards with the environment in mind.


Utilising innovation and new product development helps to drive a point of difference and improve the Made in the UK product offering. Design Group UK is one of the country’s largest greetings manufacturers. We have the passion, ability, capability and network to positively influence environmental change and make a difference to retail on a global scale.

We are devoted to offering our customers the opportunity to shop more consciously.

What innovation has been added to the ranges?

We continue to enhance the range by including coloured handles on the gift bags as well as featuring metallic inks in our new Christmas collection. We have also developed a bottle box carrier that again offers a UK made solution of a popular product format.


How can I learn more about the brand?

Visit our Eco Nature Brand Website or visit us on Instagram

Where can I purchase Eco Nature products?

Eco Nature is available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, TK Maxx, Card Factory, Dobbies Garden Centres and many other retailers. We have a store locator featured on our website