Design Group UK’s commitment to take responsibility for protecting and preserving the planet and its environment for future generations.

We are proud to be responsibly reducing our net CO2 emissions, actively supporting a sustainable future in line with our Environmental and Sustainability policy.

We are investing in woodland creation through our partnership with the Woodland Trust as part of our transition plan to Net Zero through the planting of trees enabling the potential future absorption of up to 1,370 tonnes of carbon dioxide, helping our strategy to reduce our business carbon footprint.

IG Design Group UK to date has funded 123,417 M2 of new native woodland in the UK to ensure the CO2 emissions we create from our sea freight is fully absorbed from the atmosphere and stored by trees as they grow, mitigating the impact of our business import activities on the environment as part of our carbon management programme, offsetting to date over 4,580 tonnes.

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*Photo Credit  – Visit Woods Competition 2012. Photo by: Ashley Chapman/WTML