Striving towards environmental sustainability.

IG Design Group UK is contributing to the environmental sustainability of our planet through a holistic approach to responsible product design, material sourcing and manufacturing.

We aim to maximise the effective and efficient use of resources, fostering responsible environmental behaviour amongst our staff, suppliers, customers and stakeholders.

IG Design Group is ISO 14001 accredited that demonstrates our commitment to the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS).

Our Environmental & Sustainability Policy is designed to integrate a philosophy of sustainable development into all our organisation’s activities and to establish and promote sound environmental practices in our operations.

The launch of our Tom Smith fully sustainable Christmas cracker has demonstrated the removal of all single-use plastic components. We use only fully recycled paper printed with soya-based inks, use only paper-twist ties and have replaced plastic and metal content with responsibly sourced wooden keepsake alternatives.

We at Design Group UK have challenged ourselves and our customers with progressively removing plastic components from all of our Christmas crackers and using only sustainable and fully recyclable sources of materials.

IG Design Group UK employees based in Wales have established a focus group comprising an “environmental ideas cube” to explore and develop new sustainable paper cracker content innovations with the aim of demonstrating to customers our commitment to eliminating the need for single-use plastic.

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