Design Group UK’s in-house manufacturing capabilities consist of two modern production facilities, located in South Wales and Huizhou China.

Both factories follow lean manufacturing principles, and specialise in producing a wide range of paper-based gift packaging and greeting products for many of the best-known retailers in the UK and abroad.

Working closely with our commercial and design teams, Design Group is known for its industry-leading innovations in bespoke production processes. We continuously strive to bring new product solutions, surface finishes, and merchandising options to the market, providing advantages to our customers and delighting their consumers.

Design Group UK’s manufacturing in Wales is committed to maintaining an ethically sourced supply chain. We have achieved the highest WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Timber Score Card rating of THREE, which highlights our sustainable sourcing and responsible use of timber-derived paper materials.

Our manufacturing facilities employees excel in the craft of specialist paper engineering and manufacturing excellence. We prioritise efficiency and effectiveness in our manufacturing processes and have recently made significant investments. This includes high-speed printing presses, new Moller conversion machines, advanced paper metallisation and lamination capabilities, new special surface finishing options, and two Paper Twist Handle bag conversion machines.